About the Band

Boomerang was originally formed in 1998 as a backing band for a well-known local singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. A shared passion for the most danceable Motown, swing and soul from the 50s, 60s & 70s then inspired these musicians to form their own dance band and share this amazing music with people everywhere.  A combination of raw talent, top notch musical skills and love of live performance made for a potent and exciting sound.  Since then, Boomerang has continuously thrilled audiences and packed dance floors all over Southern California.

Drummer and lead vocalist Michael Kramer offers the band’s philosophy:  “We’ve seen bands and DJs clear dance floors by playing music that does not engage the audience. We believe that our primary job is to get people dancing and keep them dancing.  We’re not there to play what’s current or trendy – our job is to to play the most widely known and popular dance music ever written.” Rock solid grooves, rich vocal harmonies and the fun and contagious energy of the all female horn section all make for a evening your guests will never forget.

For corporate events, private parties, weddings, or special occasions, Boomerang is the one band that will make your event memorable.

For more information, or to book us for your event, please call (818) 981-6710.